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Knowledge and results: Tecnología del Plástico DNA

Tecnología del Plástico is the B2B medium that connects companies in the plastics industry in Latin America with the main technological advances in plastics, machinery, and processing processes. For more than 36 years they have been an important source of knowledge and updating for the industry. is the most consulted specialized portal in the region. Their experience and content position them today as a means of reference for thousands of professionals in the Spanish-speaking industry and community. This medium is part of the Axioma B2B Marketing family of publications.

Tecnología del Plástico customers highlight the quality of the Leads they receive, and the service from the specialized consultants who advise them at every step of their marketing strategy.

Learn below about the testimonials of some customers who know and recommend Tecnología del Plástico:

“The reason we advertise with Tecnología del Plástico is because it is the most recognized medium of the Plastics Industry in the region, because of the coverage it provides us throughout Latin America and for the leads and reports they provide us, as they allow us to measure our investment and the excellent service we receive.” Frank Kavanagh, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing at Maguire Products, Inc.

“Tecnología del Plástico provides information from our ‘Smartflow’ brand to our current and potential customers in Latin America, who would find it difficult to reach on our own. In addition to the informative articles in print magazines, they maintain for us a showroom that allows us to reach buyers wherever they are, in the language they understand.” Mark Brown, CEO; and Corey Brown, Vice President of Burger & Brown Engineering.

“Tecnología del Plástico has great distribution in all Latin American countries and I see it in the offices of the clients I visit in Chile, Mexico, Peru, etc. They have excellent service and give us the opportunity to generate leads for our company.” Gerhard Czech, Hot Runner Manager of Hasco Mexico.

“We announce in Tecnología del Plástico for its reach in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. We receive excellent service and in addition to this we get leads that translate into sales opportunities for BORIDE”. Lesley Murphy, Marketing Manager and Sales at Boride Engineered Abrasives.

“Tecnología del Plástico reaches our audience in Mexico and Latin America. We advertise in this medium for the excellent service and good results, in addition to the showroom of our translated website. Additionally, because Tecnología del Plástico provides such a wide variety of channels: print magazine, web portal and email marketing, it is possible to meet our brand goals.”  Jon Gunderson, President of Advantage Engineering.

“For more than 20 years, Tecnología del Plástico has been the best advertising ‘bridge’ in Latin America for Custom Polymers, Inc. The extensive coverage and distribution of the magazine, together with the web portal, have made our company visible and recognized in the plastic world. This has allowed us to acquire a large number of customers and suppliers throughout this time.” Carlos Lotero manager of Custom Polymers, Inc.

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