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Why are B2B media effective to expand your business in Latin America?

Constant changes and accelerated business behavior, in terms of economy, technology, communication, among others, arouse in companies the need to modify their internal processes in order to meet their objectives.

In the case of B2B models in Latin America, considerable transformations have been evidenced in the last 3 years in different areas such as marketing, sales, post-sale, retention and new business; and it is in this last field that managers have drawn their attention to, on how to innovate in its expansion management, finding in specialized marketing, several resources to achieve this.

Today, as B2B marketing offers solutions that integrate different communication channels both online and offline, which are increasingly intuitive, they reduce investment costs and have high distribution indexes; they have become a fundamental input for marketing and sales managers to impact purchasing decision-makers in Latin countries.

For this reason, if you still do not know how specialized marketing can help you in your expansion process, in this article you will find a list of the most common and efficient B2B media and formats for this purpose, in such a way that you discover, know and choose the best one for your business.

Online VS Offline

Since the digital transformation changed the whole traditional communication and advertising scheme in companies and the media, much has been discussed about the effectiveness and scope of each channel. In B2B businesses, both stand out for different details, on the one hand, the digital one is characterized by its speed and scope and traditional for its credibility and durability over time, therefore when having a specific strategy, such as expansion, for example, neither is left out and on the contrary they complement each other. Next, find out which are the most efficient:

  1. Specialized events

According to the sector of your company, it is common that throughout the year one or two strategic events are held in each country that bring together influencers, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs from your niche, which provides opportunities for new clients and increases the visibility of your business.

For example, in Colombia there is an annual event organized by La Barra media called “Expo la barra”, which is the largest congress of the Hospitality Industry (Horeca) in the country, which provides companies in this sector, academic agendas with unique content of update, administration, management, business and entrepreneurship developed by speakers and companies that lead six categories: restaurant chains and franchises, hotels, banquets and catering, pastry, bakery and chocolate shops, among others.

In this sense, it becomes a great opportunity for relations, updating and training. Thus, this type of space is a great expansion opportunity for you, since you can network and impact decision-makers in your specific sector with your brand.

  1. Advertising in niche online portals

Before hiring products or services, it is common in B2B companies to carry out preliminary studies about companies that can become suppliers, and precisely one of the most consulted channels are the specialized web portals of each niche, to evaluate different factors. Having advertisement in this type of portals is a strategic showcase for Latin American clients, since with this type of inputs, purchasing decision makers can search, compare and lastly buy.

  1. Print advertising

In print advertising, there is a wide range of formats that effectively impact different sector purchase decision makers in Latin America, due to the credibility and reputation these channels have achieved in B2B business models. One of the most recurrent specialized media is the magazine, as it is a medium that covers different topics around a sector and in this way creates an environment of visibility for potential clients.

For example, nowadays, "En obra" circulates in the construction sector, a magazine with 8 years of experience that creates quality content regarding machinery, sustainability, materials and tools, specific to the niche, thus impacting approximately 41,500 readers, including Construction Company Managers, Project Managers, Works Managers, Purchase and Supply Managers, Architects and Engineers.

Therefore, these type of formats have become a real opportunity for visibility and positioning among companies, thus becoming a fundamental tool of a B2B marketing plan.

How could effectiveness be measured?

Taking the description of the previous channels into account and each one of its examples, the potential and efficiency of the specialized media in the expansion of B2B companies in a Latin American market can be evidenced, which is why it is necessary to denote some metrics that you can define in your company for each medium.

For example:

Specialized events:

# Potential customers

# Enrolled in your stand

# Sales

Advertising in web portals

# Traffic on your website


#Requests for information # Leads

#New opportunities


Printed advertisement

Countries and cities of circulation

#New opportunities

# Sales made

Qualified audience (Who and how many?)

Although, the previous metrics build a funnel, the success of each medium is quantified in closed sales and this is where B2B marketing contributes strategically in its rate of growth and expansion. It is necessary to emphasize that this business expansion process, with the use of specialized media, creates an environment for modernization and innovation in its current and future clients experience, since working with companies from other countries in the region can contribute so that your company perceives the industry and the markets in a different way, and thus implement substantial improvement changes in its capture and sale processes.

How to know where to advertise?

Advertising offers a great deal of possibilities to differentiate a company from its competitors, some more effective than others. However, since the main idea is to aim at the return on investment, it is essential to take basic aspects into account such as:

  • If you wish to advertise on specialized web portals: look for the most well-known and prestigious one within your sector.
  • If you want to advertise in printed media: it is preferable to advertise in those that gather the largest number of businesses in the same industry and to target a qualified audience of influencers and purchase decision-makers in your industry.

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