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Health Biz Summit 2021: Progress evolving the Health Industry

Today more than ever, the healthcare industry requires major changes that respond to current health care and technology acquisitions in Latin America. Therefore, the Virtual Latin American Health Biz Summit 2021, arrives as a new space of updating and exchanging successful experiences around topics of innovation in medical technology and trends of hospital management; these being the keys of transformation, adaptation, and investment, mainly in the ecosystem of clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centers.

This edition of Health Biz Summit will take place on February 17 and 18, 2021 and will bring together medical technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health care centers to exalt the various models of work with a view to creating, maintaining, or expanding their business ideas. This virtual meeting is aimed at CEOs, medical directors, leaders, and decision-makers from various institutions in the region.

International experts will address strategies that, in addition to responding to industry needs, promote financial sustainability, technological innovation and leadership in medical services management, in accordance with the capacity and level of care of each institution in Latin America.

This is the ideal scenario for both health companies looking to position their solutions and developments in technology by 2021, as well as for health professionals and directors of medical institutions interested in improving decision-making around resource management in clinics and hospitals.

As a specialized medium in current topics in medical management and technology for the health sector in Latin America, and with more than 70 years of experience, Revista El Hospital will lead this great virtual meeting with Axioma B2B Marketing, the largest technical media publishing house and B2B in Latin America, which has 13 publications for different industries and Catálogo de la Salud, the largest platform for finding suppliers and medical products in Colombia.

For more information about this event, register at:, be part of its content and stay informed of the news that international experts and directors of health companies have to tell prior to Health Biz Summit.

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