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Industrial confidence in Colombia returns to positive ground

According to Fedesarrollo’s most recent Business Opinion Survey (EOF), for August, the Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) recorded a balance sheet of 1.5%, increasing by 10 percentage points (pps) compared to last July (-8.5%).

The increase in the Industrial Confidence Index, compared to July, is mainly due to:

  1. The 15.1 pps increase in the production indicator for the next quarter (30.1%).
  2. Increase the current order volume indicator by 10.3 pps (-23.9%).
  3. The reduction of 4.6 pps in the stock level indicator (1.7%).

For his part, Fedesarrollo explained that for August the Trade Confidence Index was 13.8%, i.e. it increased 6.7 pps compared to last month (7.1%).

During the same month, the increase in traders’ confidence compared to the previous month is mainly due to the increase of 15.5 pps in the company’s current economic situation indicator (23.5%) and also the increase of 14.2 pps in the economic situation expectations indicator for the next semester (19.9%).

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